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Your family deserves all of the FREEDOM that Eaglewood Estates Development has to offer them.

This Development is a highly prestigious Estate Lot Project offering home sites with a minimum of 1 Acre of land to call your own and is nestled in a fertile valley situated at the outer edge of the Town of Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove and abutting the Clovelly Golf Course. The nearby Kindergarten to Grade 6 School (St. Francis Assisi) and the sense of "community" in the area are drawing cards for young families to want to live at Eaglewood Estates. 

This prime East-End project offers an excellent geographical location from both an “investment” point of view and a logistical one – as it is physically close to everything you or your family could need. The “Investment Value” of your new home will be protected due to the “Protective Covenants” which have been tailored for the specific purpose of protecting the value of every family’s home (refer to Section named Protective Covenants for greater detail).

Six Essential FREEDOMS that Eaglewood Estates offers to you and your family:

#1) When you are enjoying your huge backyard area you will be completely FREE of on looking Neighbors and overhead wires due to the Protective Covenants ensuring 20 Foot treed privacy buffers on both sides and at the rear of your home and underground wiring to your Home.

#2) FREE from heavy road traffic as this development is only close to the east-end and NOT located physically in the high traffic areas of the East-End….making it a much safer living environment.

#3) As your Water Supply will be from your own Well System you are FREE from any Water Taxes or Seasonal Bans on usage. As you control your own usage you can be assured that your lovely garden will always be well cared for.

#4) And speaking of Taxation…in this municipality you are FREE from High Taxation mil rates on your property in the form of Property Taxes – which adds up to a lot of dollars year after year. The Mil Rate for the Town of Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove is only 4.5 mils while the rate used by The City of St. John’s is 4.5 mils PLUS another 80% for a total of 8.1 mils for St. John’s residents [e.g. using Assessed Value of $600,000 the Annual Tax difference will be $2,160 + $615 (Water Taxes you are not required to pay) = $2,775 TAX SAVINGS per Year….in 20 years you will have saved in Municipal taxation a total of $55,500] … of course this example is assuming no changes.

#5) Unlike almost every Development in the Greater St. John’s marketplace…at Eaglewood Estates you are completely FREE to select and negotiate with your own Building Contractor as everybody clearly understands that the process of “competitive bidding” ensures a fairer Market Price in any business. The Developers have selected a “Preferred Builder” named Karwood Contracting Limited (click here for more information) should you want or need a good recommendation for a Builder.

#6) The final point for you to know is that you are FREE to take up to 24 months from whenever you decide to begin building your family home to completing it.


To begin your process of building your new home you simply need to contact the Development Coordinator for Eaglewood Estates…..Dave O’Reilly at Cell #(709) 685-8140 or by emailing

Dave was selected to exclusively market the lots for Eaglewood Estates due to his extensive Real Estate background – having been a Developer and Home Building Contractor (constructing over 100 new homes) before beginning his career as a full time Realtor in 2005.



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  The Developers of Eaglewood Estates have selected DAVE O’REILLY to exclusively market their Executive Unserviced Building Lots to the general public and after having secured their future home sites for them Dave will be fulfilling the role of DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR for the Project.